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Returds In All Their Glory

I really don’t want this blog to end up all about DistroWatch, or DistroWatch Weekly. I’ve got far better things in mind for it than the dumb bastards that have come to reside in the comments section. I have to ask too, what happened to the intelligent discourse of a few years ago? I know the answer, returds. It’s still sad though.

With that said, I’ll make this brief!


Patrick!!!!! WoW!

I’ve seen stupid, and then I’ve seen Patrick’s level of stupid. What an amazing difference. I was quickly scrolling through the comments by returds, ignoring them and I caught the very last couple sentences of Captain Planet’s comment. I didn’t even waste my time reading the whole comment. I’ve learned very quickly that he’s quite stupid, and as we’ve come to understand, very Linear with blinders on.  I did read the time he posted it,  more on why that’s important in a moment..lmao!! WoW!!!!!!

Captain Planet is so dense he is too thick to realise one of his follies yet again. Man, I really love what these freaks come up with sometimes. Here’s his comment:

“A binary package directly from Oracle is what you’ll get in Gentoo, and is exactly the same thing as you CAN USE in Debian. There is no difference how the two projects are dealing with this change. So either you moved away from Debian for no good reason, or it is time for you to abandon Gentoo also.”

Do any of you that are non-returds see the fallacy in his statement?  Let me give you a bit more information since that’s not actually a lot to go on. I stated that is still in the Gentoo Portage Tree. I didn’t explain that it’s the -bin (binary) file, not source. Gentoo is still offering the -bin package in the tree for those that still want / need, instead of LibreOffice. What Gentoo is doing is linking to the binary directly from the download mirror. Does that make it clearer now, as to where he’s proving as dense yet again? I honestly don’t think he has any intelligence, nor does he know anything about FLOSS Operating Systems in General. It’s either that or he’s as dumb as a rock. I’ll have to stop talking to him for any subject now. I can’t discuss anything with that level of stupidity from someone. It makes me feel like I’m taking advantage of them.

For those of you reading that shouldn’t even be here because you don’t get it either, here’s why Patrick is so stupid. Package Management.  Two simple words that Patrick is ‘too simple’ to understand. WoW. Let’s say I kept Debian and I installed it from the binary at’s download mirror, how would I get any updates? I wouldn’t right? There isn’t a repository for the packages that I could find. Don’t talk to me about any of this Ubuntu PPA crap either, what a joke.  So, I’d have to setup some way to find out, or just go look daily to see if there’s a new package available for download. That’s a lot of work, right? Also , the Debian package is in a tarball there, I’ll get to why that’s important right now. Here’s the steps ‘if” I even wanted to stay with Debian: 1) Even though this is a one time step, I still have to do it, setup some way to get informed of new releases/updates. 2) Now make sure I check daily to see if there’s a new release/update. 3) If there is one,  open up the site and  download it. 4) Expand the tarball. 5) Install the package. To install the package for the first time there would be two less steps, steps 1 and 2 removed. So three steps for sure.

Now we’ll discuss Gentoo, since it’s exactly the same as Debian according to Captain Planet’s stupidity.

With Gentoo to install the package I would have to go through these steps: 1) emerge openoffice-bin . That’s it, done, one step. To update it: (and your system) here’s the steps: 1) emerge -uavDN world. Again, that’s it, done, one step.

How can anyone be so dumb that they forget all about Package Management? Seriously? But, let’s remember one thing, this doesn’t have anything to do with Package Management, binaries, compiling from source, none of that. The simple thing is this, Debian is forcing me to look elsewhere for, due to their own wants. Gentoo is not, it’s letting me choose. It’s about choice and what’s forced upon you and what’s not. But people really are too stupid to get that. Why are they too stupid? Easy. They live proprietary, they don’t care about freedoms, they’re the Kiddie Distribution Returds. That’s why. 🙂

I’m going to mention someone posting there as well named Antony that is even more stupid than Patrick now. Sounds far-fetched right? WoW! I own this returd, huge!!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!

Here’s the header for Captain Planet’s comment, pay attention to the time: 120 • @109, 103 (by Patrick on 2011-04-13 16:11:15 GMT from United States)

Here’s the returd’s header: 121 • To make things even clearer? (by Antony on 2011-04-13 16:24:42 GMT from United Kingdom)

Bear with me here, there’s two more posts by him! WoW!

122 • Sorry for the formatting in 121 (by Antony on 2011-04-13 16:30:13 GMT from United Kingdom)
……I pasted from an external editor. Will be more careful in future.


123 • Even more sorry (by Antony on 2011-04-13 16:39:53 GMT from United Kingdom)
….that I posted my 121 comment, then to see 120.

Now I am even more embarrassed with my effort 😦


Oh, I bet the Returd Kernelteer is embarrassed! WoW Does anyone see the numbers for his first post, right after Captain Planet’s? This tool went back and forth between DistroWatch Weekly’s comments section and his text editor (see the comment #121 to understand)  around 14 minutes roughly! This returd spent a minimum of 14 minutes posting a comment that I can tell you in complete and utter truth that I won’t read. How bent is he though? I’ve spent exactly 8 minutes typing out this whole post (I added that at the end). Where this goon spent a minimum of 14 “just to get me good” lmao! If he spent that long, I have to wonder how long Captain Planet did! lmfao! WoW. Thanks for showing me that I’ve become such an important factor in your lives that you’re willing to dedicate a quarter hour, or more of your lives just to me! Returds!

Yes, you’re embarrassed alright, and you probably even thought Captain Planet got me with an amazing retort too, didn’t you. Returd!

Anyway, that’s it for those two Returds. I have a review to write up for here, and one to keep working on for Monday to be posted at Landor’s Place .

Keep your stick on the ice…



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Captain Planet and the Kernelteers! The Power Is Yours!!!!!

I recently had a bit of a run-in with some of the goons/returds in the DistroWatch Weekly’s comments section at . I was actually surprised to see a couple people somewhat support my comments that I wouldn’t have ever believed that would. Well, maybe they weren’t really supporting me, but who cares, I’ll remember the gesture next time. Ok, I’m an Elitist, who am I kidding, I won’t remember squat that they did for me.

There was also some background comments from the ever present sheeple too. You know the ones, they don’t like honesty so the minute they see three or four with the balls (see: stupidity for a true definition) to argue against my comments, they feel safe and slink out of the shadows they normally wallow in when it comes to interacting with me on their own. One such person was davemc. Man, he really makes me laugh. This is a guy that professes untold Unix-like knowledge, yet doesn’t know his _ _ _ from a hole in the ground normally. Here’s a case in point: Some months ago he made this huge statement about Gentoo which was totally in the wrong, and talked about hours and hours of installing it, but also considered himself well versed in Gentoo. So he’s as dim as they come and stated that to install Gentoo you have to setup your overlay. I was reading it and went, WTF? What is this freak talking about now? Seriously? Overlay to install Gentoo? I’ve only ever used one overlay, and that was to get an old VIA Chrome chipset to work right ‘before’ the openchrome driver in X worked properly. It had absolutely nothing to do with having to set it up to install Gentoo. Anyway, so this week what does he say? I’ll get a direct quote! This is classic, I love it:

“The fact is that there truly is no advantage to running a source distro over a binary one except perhaps in the “I am the geekiest of all the geeks in the world!!!” factor perhaps. You can compile programs on binary distro’s too. Big whup dee dooo!!”

Dave,  you’ve said you used to use Gentoo right? So, ummm, where does that put you?…..Returd

Another one that has to be as thick as a boulder is Patrick. WoW! I mean that, WoW! How can anyone be as intelligent (by his own reckoning) as he is, yet is as socially inept, with zero comprehension and common sense is beyond me. He hated the fact that I personally deemed him too bent to discuss his views on Software Freedoms, The FSF, and why he thinks Richard M. Stallman doesn’t love him the way he wants him to(no slight against RMS, I admire the man). He has waited for some time no doubt, to exact his revenge for the slight! He’s bent right? lol! Oh Patrick, don’t worry, you really are special. I mean that too. What does Patrick discuss about Gentoo when he actually can’t discuss any real technical aspect of it because he’s as clueless as any other kiddie distribution using noob when it comes to Gentoo? He discusses being Green and saving the planet! lmao!!!!! You’ve got it folks! Patrick ‘Captain Planet’ Van Oosterwijck blames Gentoo (and any other source based distribution) for harm done to the planet! lmao!!!!! What a f’n reach that is! WoW! Let me say it again, WoW! How does Captain Planet achieve this? Easy! He posts some crap about bogus numbers from on-line that prove his stand against the Mighty Gentoo! First let me quote this before we get to the meat of it(and I’m not going to even discuss in detail how utterly dense, and completely over the top every aspect of his quoted comment is, that’s obvious):

“With about 1 billion computers in use, and using the lowball number of 1% Linux use, if every Linux machine would use Gentoo and need to compile for 1 hour a day, and assuming an idle PC needs 100 watts and a compiling one 200 watts, that would add another gigawatt-hour per day in energy wasted worldwide. I like efficiency, and any efficiency you gain by running code optimized for your machine is more than offset by all the compilation needed.”

Ummm…..No…Mr. Planet…Sir…..You like being off your nut (or is that keyboard?), not efficiency, bottom line.

Here’s his next one: “I got those ballpark wattage numbers from the net, where people used real power meters to actually measure the power of their systems while idle and under load. I don’t have a power meter myself. Do you?”

WoW Captain Planet sure has powers! He wasn’t able to get “accurate numbers” from all these ‘real people’ on the internet so he had to make up “ballpark wattage numbers”, but he knows for sure they used “real power meters” (even though they were so inaccurate, but oh so ‘real’,  he needed to make up “ballpark wattage numbers” WoW!) and they were one billion percent able to gather the information and be totally honest about it all, he knows they were!!!! Way to go Captain Planet!!!!! I’m not surprised that Captain Planet doesn’t own a “real power meter” himself, he probably just has some ‘Super Powers’ that lets him insert a ‘probe’.  He actually asks me if I own one of the meters! I guess he wants to really have someone real with a real meter that he could use in a future argument instead of him getting real numbers from real internet people with real meters that he just found from a real search Whether I have one or not is none of your business, C.P., and if I do, it makes me far more energy conscious than you are. A piece of advice, don’t go off on some completely absurd tangent, professing this and that, then quoting some fictitious numbers, from fictitious people, and then asking the person if they have something you should. lmao! WoW!

The next time I need to verify my comments I’m not going to copy Patrick’s wisdom and use ‘real people’ from on-line as a legitimate reference. No! I’m going to do one even better and get my information from the best source there is, Pluto! No, not the planet (I still love it enough to call it a planet). I mean Pluto the dog from Walt Disney. Then I’ll use Pepe Le Pew from Merry Melodies as a ‘real’ reference too!

He thinks he’s so smart it leads him to be as dense as they come. Someone else posted they build/compile Gentoo on their netbook. I’ve stated in the comments section many a time that I was planning to, then was, installing Gentoo on my netbook. I’ve also done the same on my other blog at Landor’s Place. I’d love to know how he thinks my ASUS 1005HA is using a “ballpark wattage number” of 200 watts while compiling..lmfao!!! The brick to charge it has an output of 40 watts maximum. Man he’s thick. Really thick. That’s the problem with the loons that I’ve noticed, they have no idea what they’re even saying from one moment to the next, and they’re more linear than any ruler ever made. Dave was another example. Zero intelligence, zero comprehension, even when it comes to their own thoughts.  You can try to come in and explain it away Mr. Planet, but facts are facts, you’re thick, and that leads you to be narrow minded. Almost the same thing, but not, in your case.

He’s also pro-nuclear power generation. Says it’s the best thing..lmfao! Yes, I agree, Mr. Planet! They’re detecting raised radiation levels in livestock worldwide from the fallout due to the Nuclear Crisis in Japan and it’s the best. Sure it is. Just ask any major Government Body how safe. ‘Since they just raised the safe consumption levels because of Japan that is…..’ Don’t forget, Japan’s also making it worse by dumping radioactive water into the ocean, and why? Simple, they have more they need to get rid of too! Yes, Gentoo, and other source based distributions cause the world severe harm, yet Nuclear Power Generation is the way to go!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!!! Seriously, WoW!!!!!

Captain Planet, doing his all to keep the world safe from Source-Based Distributions,  and still able to leap radioactive dust bunnies in a single bound!!!!! WoW!

All of this started from the simple fact that I yet again called Jesse Smith out on a bad review (he reviewed Calculate Linux). His reviews have become fluff, nothing more. They’re literally getting worse by the week. This happens to a lot of people writing week in and week out. Facts are, he’s doing nothing about it, probably incapable to at this point though. I’ve also come to question his technical abilities as well, really question them. Which could be a good reason why his reviews are what they are. An example of this is a recent ‘Question and Answer’ article of his there. He was ‘supposedly'(I don’t always believe he’s been asked some of these questions, sometimes just fluff to add to DistroWatch Weekly)asked how to remaster a distribution. His answer was probably one of the worst things I’ve seen anyone give as help. It didn’t really answer the main question, and created so many more it was ridiculous. For one, that type of question should not have been answered in such a short space. Second, I honestly don’t believe Jesse knows anything about remastering other than what is generally known by the masses in our community. Okay, maybe a bit more than that, but not much, honestly. If he was asked that question in all truth, he did a disservice to the person with his answer, and in that small space. He should have A) Written a full article on it with reference links to help the reader along, or B) Emailed the person back, told them the question wasn’t suited for the space and gave them some reference links. Not what he did do. It was that bad in my opinion. I personally can’t believe that Ladislav published it. I really can’t. Doesn’t say much for the direction DistroWatch Weekly has taken. I’d rather read a technical review about Puppy than the crap I’ve read there, and that says it all.

Since he’s become popular among the kiddie crowd, he now has a pack of bodynerds ready to take up his cause. Want proof? He didn’t even post a reply comment to me himself this week, he just let the ankle bitin’ returds do it for him. From now on I’m going to be calling them ‘the Kernelteers’, especially when Captain Planet’s in town.

Oh, some others said that the reviews were not that good as well. One also stated that anyone could write a review pretty well. Someone who was defending Jesse’s review replied that they couldn’t do it, etc, etc. So the person who said that reviews were easy to write told the person not to sell himself short. Guess what? He’s so stupid he said he took offense to that..lmfao!

I gotta do it one more time, WoW!

Keep your stick on the ice…



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Choice Is A Damn Lie!

Linux kernel based distributions are about choice, right? Who says? I sure as hell don’t.

I love reading all the comments from the proprietary kiddie distribution lovin’ returds about their freedoms being taken away when some distribution doesn’t install something non-free for them. What a hypocritical bunch of nerds they are. They’ll bash the crap out of Windows, sling freedom around like it’s the greatest thing they’ve ever heard of, but take away one thing proprietary/closed source out of a distribution and the flock of sheeple are foaming at the keyboard. Another amusing thing about all that, 99.99999% of them still use Windows, daily, at home, not just for work. What a joke the returds are. “But, but, they just want their computer to work for them, it’s a tool, it’s not meant to be worked on!” Funny though, you’ll find the dims installing and uninstalling distribution after distribution, packages, themes, tweaking this and that, endlessly, but they don’t want to work for their computer, it’s a tool..lmao! That’s different though, as I don’t doubt we’ll soon hear, they want that! Hypocrites to the one.  It’s fun watching the noob pansies getting their panties in a wad as they cry that their rights have been taken away. I think, good, now why don’t you leave, you do about the total sum of nothing for this community anyway.

When I think about choice and freedoms, I think a fair bit differently than those loons. I think of having multiple choices for distributions, applications, not limited to the view of just a few. It’s about the individual’s view, and what they are comfortable with. I think of licenses for software that actually protect my freedoms, completely open, and meant to stay that way. Do we have that kind of freedom? Not a chance in hell. Maybe the sheeple do, or so they think anyway. Blindly bleating so they don’t notice the real truth. The rest of us don’t have them for sure.

How many distributions are there that are purely free? I’ll leave the number for you to find out. It’s rather low. Now, how many distributions are there that have non-free software added to them? The differences in numbers is ridiculous, and far in favour of those that are weekend freedom warriors at best, the sheeple. The ones that don’t really care in the end. If you or I want freedom,  and want something mainstream, we have to make it that way. It’s not fed to us on a spoon like it is the kiddie distribution lovin’ noobs. Freedom costs us, usually. Do we all run around crying and screaming about it though? I’ve only read one other person discuss it, aside from myself, and I’ll get to her in a bit.

More recently, yesterday, I found out that my freedoms were revoked even further by Debian. I’ll explain. I didn’t like what I saw happening last year in our community. The sheeple were showing their true colours to everyone. Mandriva was having financial difficulty and what did a ton of the goons working for them do? They quit, and started talking bad about Mandriva. I hate that crap, disloyal bastards. Also, Oracle bought out Sun. What do we see from that? First thing, the Open Solaris project doesn’t get support. Hey, that’s Oracle’s right. What I found funny was that the guys on the community end of it actually started giving Oracle ultimatums..lmao! C’mon, they really believed they had the right to do that? Of course they did, our community is full of  people running it that are extremely socially inept with absolutely no common sense. In other words, returds. The Open Solaris Community developers took their pail and shovel and went home (started a fork of Open Solaris that you practically hear nothing of Then with the move by the Open Solaris goons, The OpenOffice community guys feels it’s time they should up and walk out as well! Oracle had been fully supporting, and working with the community side of things with OpenOffice. That didn’t matter, they had to pull out and make a fork. Both instances were within less than a year of Oracle taking over Sun, far less. Returds.

Anyway, so the OpenOffice members that left started “The Document Project” and created “Libre Office” a complete copy pretty well of OpenOffice. Then they think that even though they’ve left, and slapped Oracle in the face for absolutely nothing, the ones that were on the community council for OpenOffice believe they can still sit on the council with Oracle. Larry basically told them this, though not these words, I’m sure he thought them, “Are you serious? Beat it! F’n returds”. I would have too. What a bunch of idiots. ‘Yes, we’re leaving, we’re returds and we want our own project like the Open Solaris community, but we still get to say what you do with OpenOffice.’ You see how stupid the people are running this community?  Then they were so messed up in the head they actually ‘expected’ Oracle to hand them over the OpenOffice trademark. They stated that LibreOffice is just a temporary name until Oracle gives them OpenOffice. LMFAO! Good Luck! How long is never from now? Again, returds. Boy are they ever dense.

So that all comes to my point. With their creation of LibreOffice, it seems every distribution under the sun (pun intended) has removed OpenOffice and replaced it with LibreOffice. They’ve taken away my choice! My choice! I won’t support these loons that left OpenOffice for the reasons they said. I won’t support what I consider 2010, not the year of the Linux Desktop, but the year of the Linux Returd, all the disloyal goons bailing out on everything. I won’t support people that acted so stupidly, bringing drama and immaturity to our community. But distributions like Debian, Fedora, etc, try to force me to. They take away my choice. They remove OpenOffice from their repositories fully. The only Debian build that doesn’t have LibreOffice right now is stable (Lenny), and from what I’ve read that’s on its way to happening, but that’s not ‘official’.

You can still get other Oracle products in their respositories, and all the whinin’ hypocrites about Oracle probably still use them, Java, VirtualBox. So what is wrong with OpenOffice? It was great until these panty wearing sheeple split and made LibreOffice, then oh, it was evil! We have to support LibreOffice now! I thought it was about choice? I didn’t see any license changes that made it any different from when these distributions ‘supported’ it before. Like I said, yet they still distribute other Oracle products.  Hypocrites they all be.

I really admire Carla Schroder as a writer and advocate within this community, not to mention her ever growing repertoire of skills and hats she wears/has worn.  I also believe her and I have quite a number of similar views from what I’ve read. I’m going to quote something she said that fits this all perfectly.

“P.S.– I anticipate that someone will raise the usual objection that “Most people don’t care about freedom and open code!” So what? I do. They don’t get to take away my choices.”

Here’s the link to her original article at Linux Planet. I also find it somewhat telling she uses the term “sheep” in her article. 🙂

Where the hell are all my rights going? Instead of me getting rights, all these non-free loving sheeple that only care about freedom when it suits them get all the choices. You weekend freedom warrior goons might not care about these freedoms and choice. So what? I do. You don’t get to take away my choices. Get it returds?

It’s time for me to go back to a real distribution full-time. One that really gives every single one of its users choice. That distribution? Gentoo! It has both OpenOffice and ReturdOffice in its repositories. It’s where I belong anyway, not runnin’ this binary crap that gives you no control over anything.

It’s so long to Debian and any other distribution that doesn’t respect real freedom, choice, and hello my old friend to Gentoo that does! I’m so above the ‘Oh shinyyyyy” kiddies anyway.

Compiling here I come! Did you miss me Larry?

Keep your stick on the ice…


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