That’s Good For You

It’s been a year since I’ve actually written anything here, not surprising at all given my thoughts on most of you that read it. Obviously you know you’re insignificant.

I was reading through some e-mail and come across some from a very select few in this community that I have any kind of respect for. I’m missed greatly, of course. Then I also found some from a couple I couldn’t stand. One in particular stood out for me though. The freak who shall go nameless for now was whining like they have for the last 6 or 7 years that I’ve had to put up with their random blubbering to my inbox. Amazing.

Anyway, they mouthed off about The Free Software Foundation and any Libre distribution. I think they must secretly lust me or something, or feel that in some way by communicating with me they’re addressing some higher power, which thus justifies the reason they exist. Why else would they send me an e-mail almost two years after their last attempt at communicating with me, and all about why they won’t use a Libre distribution. (I like making Libre uppercase, it’s Elitist).

Personally, I couldn’t give a shit about their thoughts on the matter as much as I couldn’t give a shit about yours. The funny thing is though that they hit upon something that has bugged me for some time. They worded their e-mail perfectly. So although they’re not getting a response to their e-mail, which is the norm for them, I’m going to discuss it here. A boon for all of you, getting to see how amazing I still am.

For quite a while I was sick, and I became like a lot of you probably, fat. It sickened me to no end to think I succumbed to even a small part of the kind of life you posers would lead. It got to the point where I said to myself, “Self, look at you, you look like them, do something about it”, and I did. I started on the road to returning to a Complete and True Elitist about 10 or so months ago. It was hard going, and being Canadian meant I had to endure Winter while trying to exercise. Due to that it wasn’t until later this Spring that it kicked into high gear for me. I’ve lost 30+ lbs and can now run 7 mph on a treadmill for an elevation of 9 for 15 minutes solid. It’s only going to get better as well. I’m also working out, doing what you call “Two A Days”, full body workouts, every other day, no weekends off. I’ve been doing Intermittent Fasting as well. I’m goin’ hardcore. Why? I’m an Elitist, I can.

While discussing this with people I know personally I’ve had a few of them tell me that it’s good for me that I do that, or nice that I can, they are busy doing this, or they are busy doing that, they’re not like me, they don’t have the time to do all these things. It’s funny, they strike it down, devaluing what I’m doing, and placing great emphasis on ‘all’ of the things they have to do that stops them from doing something else. What’s even more amusing is that the three people who have said this to me are three people who have always put this great importance on what the rest of The Elitists of the world would consider mundane at best. They even run around like chicken’s with their heads cut off, getting nowhere fast. Everything’s a crisis, everything’s extreme, and you best know that. The majority of what they do rushed I could do casually in my spare time. Yet, for the simple fact that you’re far superior to them and able to manage your time and other parts of your life far more intelligently, they feel inadequate enough (and rightly so, no?) to make themselves seem somehow important.

These are people who always have excuses for every single thing in their life. They justify every little thing. They have to, they love being the victim in their own eyes. They love the attention that it all brings them. They want people to agree with their excuses to make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I had one of them today telling me how hard their life was and I was so lucky that I don’t have to deal with a lot of important things in my life. I busted a gut and actually laughed at them. Then when they asked what was so funny, I told them. Trust me, too, I told them. I don’t think I’ll ever have to again either. Ever.

Why the whole spiel on that topic? The microsoft loving returd that e-mailed me did the same thing. He whined about how he doesn’t have the time to look for the solutions to using his computer with only Libre Applications. He doesn’t have the money to go out and buy a computer that is fully supported by a Libre Distribution. (The last one I bought new I found easily and only paid about $247 or the like for a 15.6 laptop, all in) He’s too busy in his life to deal with the ‘hassle’ of learning something new, or to mess around with things that don’t “Just Work” “Out of The Box”. Yes, two catch-phrases that make me want to puke. Then he went on to tell me, “That’s good for you to use since you have all that time to waste on stupid things.”  Meanwhile he’s probably a greasy fingered fat freak who lives alone with 2 cats and a whole host of pet gerbils.  Has absolutely no social life, and hasn’t had anything really exciting happen in his life since the last time he went to a Manilow concert and swore Manilow turned and looked him right in the eye.

I love this community’s user-base for just this reason. The majority are converts from another operating system and they’re as clueless as hell. The best part is that even though they know it and agree privately, they do their best to hide it. They go about about telling you how busy they are, or they don’t have time to do this or that. Stop shotgunning fucking marshmallows (or gerbils) while watching that other fat freak on TV, Leno, and you actually might have the time.

As I seem to be told though, “I guess that’s good for you to do.”

Keep your stick on the ice…



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