Traitors To The Cause

I absolutely hate monopolies. I mean HATE them. If I had billions of dollars I’d probably stomp all my competition into the ground. That’s simply because I’m an Elitist and it’s what an Elitist should do, vanquish all opposition. Since I’m not a Super Billionaire Elitist that means I get to fight the good fight and protest monopolies and their attempts at trying to rule anything in my world. Let’s face it too, I don’t care about you, I only care about one thing, my gracious Elitist self. So yes, in my world.

That leads me to this week’s discussion, the Red Hat monopoly!

You’re thinking that I’ve lost my mind. You’re wrong. Red Hat is a big fat monopoly. They’ve got their fingers in almost every FLOSS project pie, including The Linux Kernel. GNOME is pretty well Red Hat GNOME, and I’d say close to the same thing for the kernel.

They’re also so smart. They’re making you think that they love FLOSS and in turn love you. What a joke. They love money. If the money dried up and disappeared do you think any of what they do would continue? Do you think that they’d use their acquired wealth from everything they made off of this community to keep bringing you advances in the kernel, bug fixes to projects, security updates as well, or even still produce a distribution for you? Not in this lifetime. Their bottom line is the dollar, and they’re out to get it any way they can. The greatest part is that they can screw you by making you think that they love you, and thus they’re the great benefactors of the FLOSS world.

Now they’re lying in bed with Microsoft with this whole secure boot deal and just loving it. People bashed Novell for years because they made a deal with Microsoft and now Red Hat is sucking right up to them and most people couldn’t care less. They’re traitors, traitors to the cause. They don’t care about you, they want money, nothing more. They’ll make a deal with anyone they have to as long as they’re able to meet their bottom line, and screw anyone who thinks otherwise.

They do have on ace in the hole though, they’ve got their little robot boot lickers to run around the Interwebs and tell you how wrong anyone is for saying anything bad about Red Hat, or that there’s nothing wrong with this deal, they’re only doing it so you can boot your computer. Yes, Red Hat is paying out whatever it costs in licensing fees, and is willing to face the wrath of this community, only to make sure they can boot computers. Oh what a fool is he.

Which reminds me, one of their most stalwart of boot lickees, Adam Williamson is really trying to do his best to make everyone think that Red Hat is the Knight in shining armour, coming to our rescue. I wouldn’t trust a word coming out of his mouth. If he isn’t misleading you about something half the time, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about the other half, but sure as hell tries to make you think he does. I remember once when he categorically denied, and swore up and down that Red Hat/Fedora is not responsible in any way for the #fedora channel in IRC, and Fedora Unity was. Even though I knew he was lying, I discussed this with the ‘founder’ of Fedora Unity and he said it was bullshit, pure and simple. Adam Williamson at his best, spinmaster.

I’ve decided that even though I don’t like a BSD license, which of course I have very good reason, I’m going to finally return to supporting OpenBSD. Theo is one of the few people that care, and he stands up against the bullshit of traitors. My kind of guy.

Boycott this traitorous company that’s trying to take over every aspect of our community, and make whatever deal they can to further their secret and vile agenda. Vote with your conscience! Refuse to use anything Red Hat or Fedora.

Keep your stick on the ice…




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2 responses to “Traitors To The Cause

  1. Ariya243

    Have look at Ubuntu forums in the Community Cafe, Recurrant Discussions about “Ubuntu clones, Mint, Mint talk and Distrowatch.” You can find few more under my name in the Community Cafe about Ubuntu clones etc. Ladislav won’t allow me to write in his DWW comments, as I told the same story – “the HPD counter is there to earn money and its all about money.” I agree with you that without that HPD, the popularity of Distrowatch is parctically nil.

  2. Eddie Wilson

    Good day Landor,
    Sadly every time I post anything in the Distrowatch comments section it gets deleted right away. I made the mistake of saying what was on my mind and Ladislav didn’t like it. I’ve told most places where I can comment that the HPD is foolishness as well as quite a few of the comments that I read. Of course Redhat is in it for the money. I’ve never doubted that in the least. Today is Nov.14,2012 and I noticed that you are letting them have it again at Distrowatch. I keep going back to the comments section just to see what you’ve come up with. At least you can still speak your mind.

    May your ice always be frozen,

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