FSF’s Petition and The Little Trolls That Could

DistroWatch Weekly posts in their misc news section last week that The Free Software Foundation has a petition up and running about Secure Boot and a whole pile of crap involving it and Ubuntu. The post could put the FSF in a bad light.

Right now you’re thinking, so what Landor, nobody really takes DistroWatch seriously, especially since Jesse Smith has been writing there, and you’d be correct, but wrong too.

Some future Elitist wannabes are there reading, and absorbing everything, that don’t really know better. But on top of that, there’s the returds who actually think they have enough brain mass to form an opinion, and then of all blasphemies, voice it. I kid you not, go there weekly, you’ll see.

Last week one of them was ‘Newt’ (cough, and oops) ‘Fewt’ aka Wyatt or whatever, who cares. He builds one of the least ‘respect’ your freedom distributions there is, Fuduntu. The name alone should tell you the mindset here. Anyway, he goes rambling on in the comments section about how he would support the FSF ‘if’. Don’t you just love that? You know right away the post is going to be complete and utter bullshit when it starts off with ‘I would do this but’. Who the hell is this guy kidding? Seriously? He has a distribution that goes against every principle founded in the FSF, he’s talked about his distaste for the FSF before, and well, quite frankly, he’s not very smart, and he actually thinks anyone is going to believe he was thinking, ‘Golly dang! (swings his arm in front of him in disappointment) I was going to sign that petition and support them!’. Right, and he looks stupid for just posting it in a way the he would. I bet he took a long drag off his cigarette, petted his war trained pet gerbil, Alexander The Great, exhaled and said, ‘Yep, I really woulda, Alex’.

Then he goes on to show how little ability he has mentally when it comes to comprehending what he’s reading by completely misinterpreting something the FSF had posted about. They said that they considered windows malware on their computer hardware. He went on to talk about how it was childish of them to say such naughty things about great companies that are our competition and by all that’s prideful and full of rainbows, we shouldn’t be saying such bad things!!!!

Too stupid to understand that it was obviously a philosophical comment (I know, higher understanding is really beyond the returds, so genetically not really their fault) where they believed that anything that took away their rights and freedoms like windows does is malware. I completely agree, but I’m not only an Elitist, but an intelligent one that can see the obvious for what it is. Sadly, most others don’t. That leads to the other returd that posted some nincompoopery about the FSF last week.

This one was posted by whs001. Here’s what they had to say.

Thanks for the news item on Secure Boot. I went to the Free Software Foundation web site thinking that I might join in their petition, but I found that it contains this stupid sentence: “We commit that we will neither purchase nor recommend computers that strip users of this critical freedom.” First of all, why does an organization that is trying to gather broad public support for their viewpoint think that they should add a “commitment” (or really a threat) to the statement of that viewpoint? Second, even for someone who agrees in principle with the threatened action, isn’t there a plausible scenario in which (a) “secure boot” with no option for the user to disable it becomes standard so that you can’t buy a PC or a motherboard without it, and (b) hackers figure out a work-around so that users who want to disable it can do so even though the systems are not intended to allow that? What then becomes of the asinine pledge not to buy a computer that implements secure boot without a built-in way to disable it?

Do I have to explain just how stupid this person really is?

Ok, you talked me into it. They obviously didn’t want to sign the petition, they’re lying through their teeth. To nitpick in such an “asinine” manner makes it apparent for any true Elitist to figure out. What a foolish little returd. So the full intent was to attack the FSF, and then spread whatever crap they can come up with about it. Which is the norm for so many,  I have to ask though, does this freak think that if every single manufacturer produced only secure boot motherboards that the petition would still have any bearing? What do they think then? Do they believe that they’ll be arrested and charged with falsifying their fight for freedom if they then go out and buy a motherboard/system that has secure boot? Do they think they won’t be allowed? What an idiot.

Then the moron goes on to speak about hackers finding some dirty way around it, and maybe even possibly nullifying their agreement with the manufacturer. Yes, that’s exactly what the FSF wants, to find some dirty crack that in some cases could be illegal to implement. What a perfect scenario.

Obviously, if that fruit came to bear the fight would be lost at that point, but they signed the petition, they’re bound!!!!! What a freak.

I’ll make a real Elitist comment on this subject, if Secure Boot locks out FLOSS Operating Systems from all future computers “I personally will never build/buy a new computer again! Period!” That’s how you do it, freaks. It’s called having real balls when it matters

Last up for last week was this guy that tested the latest release for Parted Magic. He complains that it freezes or something like that, you can’t really tell with these newbs, they really have no clue. He then goes on to say:

It is probably a simple fix, but how would we know? Oops!

How would you know? Really? Well, how about actually debugging the problem like the developers would? How about making sure you burned the ISO correctly? How about Verifying the ISO? How about going to the forums instead of talking about it in the DistroWatch Weekly comments section, returd. Maybe that’s how you’d know eh?

Here’s some advice for all you returds out there that think you know what you’re talking about, message me first. That’s right, message me first, run your ideas or comments by me first before you post them. In fact, don’t even write a thing, I’ll script your comments for you, believe me, we’ll all be far better off.

Keep your stick on the ice…



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  1. Barnabyh

    You’re too funny, Landor. Good to know you re still writing.

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