How-to of The Day

I don’t have a lot of time, but I’m in a generous mood and want to help all the returds out there try to climb out of whatever intellectual mire their lives inhabit.

Here’s a quick and easy command for you to do.

Open a terminal emulator.

Either become root or use sudo with the follow command

So either type

su and then enter, and type in your root password when asked, then type

shutdown -h now , and immediately follow that with enter.

If you’re using sudo it would be,

sudo shutdown -h now, followed by hitting enter, then entering your user password and hitting enter again.

Whatever you do! Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT!!!! Do anything with your computer until you read my next how-to that I’ll post shortly. It’s far too dangerous to, trust me!

Hope that helps, returds…..

Keep your stick on the ice…



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One response to “How-to of The Day

  1. Rey de los Huevones

    Thanks for this useful command, which efficiently brings the box in an energy saving mode, thus saving The Planet.

    Perhaps hitting a password might be tiring, and one should configure (sorry, I have not sudo’s manual at hand) “sudo” to work the Kaella way (without password).
    Or one should have only one user,” root”.

    Have a nice day….

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