Returds In All Their Glory

I really don’t want this blog to end up all about DistroWatch, or DistroWatch Weekly. I’ve got far better things in mind for it than the dumb bastards that have come to reside in the comments section. I have to ask too, what happened to the intelligent discourse of a few years ago? I know the answer, returds. It’s still sad though.

With that said, I’ll make this brief!


Patrick!!!!! WoW!

I’ve seen stupid, and then I’ve seen Patrick’s level of stupid. What an amazing difference. I was quickly scrolling through the comments by returds, ignoring them and I caught the very last couple sentences of Captain Planet’s comment. I didn’t even waste my time reading the whole comment. I’ve learned very quickly that he’s quite stupid, and as we’ve come to understand, very Linear with blinders on.  I did read the time he posted it,  more on why that’s important in a moment..lmao!! WoW!!!!!!

Captain Planet is so dense he is too thick to realise one of his follies yet again. Man, I really love what these freaks come up with sometimes. Here’s his comment:

“A binary package directly from Oracle is what you’ll get in Gentoo, and is exactly the same thing as you CAN USE in Debian. There is no difference how the two projects are dealing with this change. So either you moved away from Debian for no good reason, or it is time for you to abandon Gentoo also.”

Do any of you that are non-returds see the fallacy in his statement?  Let me give you a bit more information since that’s not actually a lot to go on. I stated that is still in the Gentoo Portage Tree. I didn’t explain that it’s the -bin (binary) file, not source. Gentoo is still offering the -bin package in the tree for those that still want / need, instead of LibreOffice. What Gentoo is doing is linking to the binary directly from the download mirror. Does that make it clearer now, as to where he’s proving as dense yet again? I honestly don’t think he has any intelligence, nor does he know anything about FLOSS Operating Systems in General. It’s either that or he’s as dumb as a rock. I’ll have to stop talking to him for any subject now. I can’t discuss anything with that level of stupidity from someone. It makes me feel like I’m taking advantage of them.

For those of you reading that shouldn’t even be here because you don’t get it either, here’s why Patrick is so stupid. Package Management.  Two simple words that Patrick is ‘too simple’ to understand. WoW. Let’s say I kept Debian and I installed it from the binary at’s download mirror, how would I get any updates? I wouldn’t right? There isn’t a repository for the packages that I could find. Don’t talk to me about any of this Ubuntu PPA crap either, what a joke.  So, I’d have to setup some way to find out, or just go look daily to see if there’s a new package available for download. That’s a lot of work, right? Also , the Debian package is in a tarball there, I’ll get to why that’s important right now. Here’s the steps ‘if” I even wanted to stay with Debian: 1) Even though this is a one time step, I still have to do it, setup some way to get informed of new releases/updates. 2) Now make sure I check daily to see if there’s a new release/update. 3) If there is one,  open up the site and  download it. 4) Expand the tarball. 5) Install the package. To install the package for the first time there would be two less steps, steps 1 and 2 removed. So three steps for sure.

Now we’ll discuss Gentoo, since it’s exactly the same as Debian according to Captain Planet’s stupidity.

With Gentoo to install the package I would have to go through these steps: 1) emerge openoffice-bin . That’s it, done, one step. To update it: (and your system) here’s the steps: 1) emerge -uavDN world. Again, that’s it, done, one step.

How can anyone be so dumb that they forget all about Package Management? Seriously? But, let’s remember one thing, this doesn’t have anything to do with Package Management, binaries, compiling from source, none of that. The simple thing is this, Debian is forcing me to look elsewhere for, due to their own wants. Gentoo is not, it’s letting me choose. It’s about choice and what’s forced upon you and what’s not. But people really are too stupid to get that. Why are they too stupid? Easy. They live proprietary, they don’t care about freedoms, they’re the Kiddie Distribution Returds. That’s why. 🙂

I’m going to mention someone posting there as well named Antony that is even more stupid than Patrick now. Sounds far-fetched right? WoW! I own this returd, huge!!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!

Here’s the header for Captain Planet’s comment, pay attention to the time: 120 • @109, 103 (by Patrick on 2011-04-13 16:11:15 GMT from United States)

Here’s the returd’s header: 121 • To make things even clearer? (by Antony on 2011-04-13 16:24:42 GMT from United Kingdom)

Bear with me here, there’s two more posts by him! WoW!

122 • Sorry for the formatting in 121 (by Antony on 2011-04-13 16:30:13 GMT from United Kingdom)
……I pasted from an external editor. Will be more careful in future.


123 • Even more sorry (by Antony on 2011-04-13 16:39:53 GMT from United Kingdom)
….that I posted my 121 comment, then to see 120.

Now I am even more embarrassed with my effort 😦


Oh, I bet the Returd Kernelteer is embarrassed! WoW Does anyone see the numbers for his first post, right after Captain Planet’s? This tool went back and forth between DistroWatch Weekly’s comments section and his text editor (see the comment #121 to understand)  around 14 minutes roughly! This returd spent a minimum of 14 minutes posting a comment that I can tell you in complete and utter truth that I won’t read. How bent is he though? I’ve spent exactly 8 minutes typing out this whole post (I added that at the end). Where this goon spent a minimum of 14 “just to get me good” lmao! If he spent that long, I have to wonder how long Captain Planet did! lmfao! WoW. Thanks for showing me that I’ve become such an important factor in your lives that you’re willing to dedicate a quarter hour, or more of your lives just to me! Returds!

Yes, you’re embarrassed alright, and you probably even thought Captain Planet got me with an amazing retort too, didn’t you. Returd!

Anyway, that’s it for those two Returds. I have a review to write up for here, and one to keep working on for Monday to be posted at Landor’s Place .

Keep your stick on the ice…



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  1. I want to make a correction here, additional information really. is still available as a source port in the Gentoo Portage Tree. It’s deprecated and will be removed in the not too far off future I’m guessing. The -bin file (binary) is what they are keeping as it doesn’t really take a lot to maintain it in the Portage Tree. So, by me saying that only the -bin file was in the Portage Tree, I wasn’t being correct, but it will be the only instance of in the Portage Tree.

    Keep your stick on the ice…


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