Choice Is A Damn Lie!

Linux kernel based distributions are about choice, right? Who says? I sure as hell don’t.

I love reading all the comments from the proprietary kiddie distribution lovin’ returds about their freedoms being taken away when some distribution doesn’t install something non-free for them. What a hypocritical bunch of nerds they are. They’ll bash the crap out of Windows, sling freedom around like it’s the greatest thing they’ve ever heard of, but take away one thing proprietary/closed source out of a distribution and the flock of sheeple are foaming at the keyboard. Another amusing thing about all that, 99.99999% of them still use Windows, daily, at home, not just for work. What a joke the returds are. “But, but, they just want their computer to work for them, it’s a tool, it’s not meant to be worked on!” Funny though, you’ll find the dims installing and uninstalling distribution after distribution, packages, themes, tweaking this and that, endlessly, but they don’t want to work for their computer, it’s a tool..lmao! That’s different though, as I don’t doubt we’ll soon hear, they want that! Hypocrites to the one.  It’s fun watching the noob pansies getting their panties in a wad as they cry that their rights have been taken away. I think, good, now why don’t you leave, you do about the total sum of nothing for this community anyway.

When I think about choice and freedoms, I think a fair bit differently than those loons. I think of having multiple choices for distributions, applications, not limited to the view of just a few. It’s about the individual’s view, and what they are comfortable with. I think of licenses for software that actually protect my freedoms, completely open, and meant to stay that way. Do we have that kind of freedom? Not a chance in hell. Maybe the sheeple do, or so they think anyway. Blindly bleating so they don’t notice the real truth. The rest of us don’t have them for sure.

How many distributions are there that are purely free? I’ll leave the number for you to find out. It’s rather low. Now, how many distributions are there that have non-free software added to them? The differences in numbers is ridiculous, and far in favour of those that are weekend freedom warriors at best, the sheeple. The ones that don’t really care in the end. If you or I want freedom,  and want something mainstream, we have to make it that way. It’s not fed to us on a spoon like it is the kiddie distribution lovin’ noobs. Freedom costs us, usually. Do we all run around crying and screaming about it though? I’ve only read one other person discuss it, aside from myself, and I’ll get to her in a bit.

More recently, yesterday, I found out that my freedoms were revoked even further by Debian. I’ll explain. I didn’t like what I saw happening last year in our community. The sheeple were showing their true colours to everyone. Mandriva was having financial difficulty and what did a ton of the goons working for them do? They quit, and started talking bad about Mandriva. I hate that crap, disloyal bastards. Also, Oracle bought out Sun. What do we see from that? First thing, the Open Solaris project doesn’t get support. Hey, that’s Oracle’s right. What I found funny was that the guys on the community end of it actually started giving Oracle ultimatums..lmao! C’mon, they really believed they had the right to do that? Of course they did, our community is full of  people running it that are extremely socially inept with absolutely no common sense. In other words, returds. The Open Solaris Community developers took their pail and shovel and went home (started a fork of Open Solaris that you practically hear nothing of Then with the move by the Open Solaris goons, The OpenOffice community guys feels it’s time they should up and walk out as well! Oracle had been fully supporting, and working with the community side of things with OpenOffice. That didn’t matter, they had to pull out and make a fork. Both instances were within less than a year of Oracle taking over Sun, far less. Returds.

Anyway, so the OpenOffice members that left started “The Document Project” and created “Libre Office” a complete copy pretty well of OpenOffice. Then they think that even though they’ve left, and slapped Oracle in the face for absolutely nothing, the ones that were on the community council for OpenOffice believe they can still sit on the council with Oracle. Larry basically told them this, though not these words, I’m sure he thought them, “Are you serious? Beat it! F’n returds”. I would have too. What a bunch of idiots. ‘Yes, we’re leaving, we’re returds and we want our own project like the Open Solaris community, but we still get to say what you do with OpenOffice.’ You see how stupid the people are running this community?  Then they were so messed up in the head they actually ‘expected’ Oracle to hand them over the OpenOffice trademark. They stated that LibreOffice is just a temporary name until Oracle gives them OpenOffice. LMFAO! Good Luck! How long is never from now? Again, returds. Boy are they ever dense.

So that all comes to my point. With their creation of LibreOffice, it seems every distribution under the sun (pun intended) has removed OpenOffice and replaced it with LibreOffice. They’ve taken away my choice! My choice! I won’t support these loons that left OpenOffice for the reasons they said. I won’t support what I consider 2010, not the year of the Linux Desktop, but the year of the Linux Returd, all the disloyal goons bailing out on everything. I won’t support people that acted so stupidly, bringing drama and immaturity to our community. But distributions like Debian, Fedora, etc, try to force me to. They take away my choice. They remove OpenOffice from their repositories fully. The only Debian build that doesn’t have LibreOffice right now is stable (Lenny), and from what I’ve read that’s on its way to happening, but that’s not ‘official’.

You can still get other Oracle products in their respositories, and all the whinin’ hypocrites about Oracle probably still use them, Java, VirtualBox. So what is wrong with OpenOffice? It was great until these panty wearing sheeple split and made LibreOffice, then oh, it was evil! We have to support LibreOffice now! I thought it was about choice? I didn’t see any license changes that made it any different from when these distributions ‘supported’ it before. Like I said, yet they still distribute other Oracle products.  Hypocrites they all be.

I really admire Carla Schroder as a writer and advocate within this community, not to mention her ever growing repertoire of skills and hats she wears/has worn.  I also believe her and I have quite a number of similar views from what I’ve read. I’m going to quote something she said that fits this all perfectly.

“P.S.– I anticipate that someone will raise the usual objection that “Most people don’t care about freedom and open code!” So what? I do. They don’t get to take away my choices.”

Here’s the link to her original article at Linux Planet. I also find it somewhat telling she uses the term “sheep” in her article. 🙂

Where the hell are all my rights going? Instead of me getting rights, all these non-free loving sheeple that only care about freedom when it suits them get all the choices. You weekend freedom warrior goons might not care about these freedoms and choice. So what? I do. You don’t get to take away my choices. Get it returds?

It’s time for me to go back to a real distribution full-time. One that really gives every single one of its users choice. That distribution? Gentoo! It has both OpenOffice and ReturdOffice in its repositories. It’s where I belong anyway, not runnin’ this binary crap that gives you no control over anything.

It’s so long to Debian and any other distribution that doesn’t respect real freedom, choice, and hello my old friend to Gentoo that does! I’m so above the ‘Oh shinyyyyy” kiddies anyway.

Compiling here I come! Did you miss me Larry?

Keep your stick on the ice…



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  1. Pied de Biche

    “Mandriva was having financial difficulty and what did a ton of the goons working for them do? They quit, and started talking bad about Mandriva. ”
    Not only they quit but they built a new distibution, with everythin Mandriva proprietary removed…. As far as I could test Mageia-1, it had anything I needed….
    Therefore, one can have two distributions out of one:
    * Mandriva, which is likely to grow commercial, with Russian influence, and separating slowly from students/research needs (which will make my boss unhappy) . Developers will get paied with Russian salaries, which are low…
    * mageia, volunteer based (but some of them have jobs in teaching), where the influence of users and academics might remain….

    BTW, in France one is loyal to ones employer during working hours (after that, one has ones freedom of speech/opinion -and were Mandrivas empoyees paid?) : one of my CEOs was a trade-unionist, too and it was funny to hear him strongly disagreeing with the unionists, telling them they were wrong… and, one hour later, giving them ideas and helping them….

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